Profe Directo

How can one launch a brand and mark its presence in a market for everyone to see from the very start? Our idea is to combine traditional, industry-specific values and unorthodox branding solutions. To use a warm and distinctive identity as a way to demonstrate that the brand is close to people.
The fresh and friendly brand identity is articulated in all the materials. We have created a comprehensive design package, including logotype, website, corporate templates, on-line promotional materials (graphic components for Facebook pages and e-mail footers), and materials for print (contracts, invoices, business cards, folders, posters, leaflets, presentations and letters to customers). Such a comprehensive approach helps to emphasize the brand’s strong points.
A new Spanish brand in educational services has dynamically entered the market. With its fresh identity, it has managed to gain an edge over the somewhat outmoded competition. For sincerity is the single most powerful message that can be conveyed.